There are numerous videos and articles available on the web showing you how to do faucet repair and replacement yourself, but it’s important that you also understand the reasons why it can be a total waste of time and bring on immense frustration for you to try to do on your own.

Grand Junction Faucet Repair

Unfortunately, when attempting to DIY a faucet repair, it’s common to do more damage to the faucet than was already there to begin with. Faucets are far more complex than people tend to realize, and it’s very easy to reassemble them incorrectly. Our plumbing technicians at Rescue 1 have the knowledge necessary to ensure proper, timely repair of your faucets; saving you the hassle of dealing with interlocking parts and getting everything put back together correctly.

Grand Junction Faucet Replacement

At times, the nature of the faucet issue or part that has been broken requires total replacement rather simple repairs. In such cases, it is imperative to have a professional Colorado-licensed plumber on hand to assess the situation and provide a realistic estimate of what repairs are required and what the cost will be if it’s necessary to do a complete replacement of the faucet.

Grand Junction Faucet Installation

There are many different tools, parts, and prep-work required when installing a new faucet. This is especially true if there was a leak involved or if you’re dealing with a unit that was not initially installed correctly. Significant snags and obstacles can arise during an installation as well. This can include finding out that a specific brand of faucet is not reasonable for its required location in your home. It could also be that you realize a different brand would match your functional and aesthetic desires better than the one you initially decided upon. We are committed to quick, friendly, professional service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.