Drains are consistently tasked with eliminating high quantities of waste water from your home or business. Most people don’t give their drain system a second thought, but whenever you use your sink, shower, or washer, you are relying upon your drains to work properly. However, as we all know, much more than water tends to end up going down the drain.

Plumber using plunger in sinkHair, food, and grease all end up going down the drains in our homes, and all of these things can easily build up and cause clogs. A clogged or slow drain is more serious than some homeowners ever realize. Of course they’re inconvenient, but they could also cause major damage to your entire plumbing system.

Don’t allow a clogged drain to become backed pipes; potentially causing damage to themselves due to intolerable pressure levels. Rescue 1 Plumbing provides high-quality, professional service 24/7, and can provide you with Grand Junction drain cleaning services quickly.

Targeted Drain Cleaning

Targeted drain cleaning’s use is to take care of a specific problem that is generally caused by clogs and build-up in your pipes spawning from a specific incident. This means that if an object is blocking your pipes or drain in your home, we will help unclog it. Grand Junction drain cleaning services can be done a number of ways; from using tools that will remove waste from the drain via mechanical means.

Drain Maintenance is Imperative to Preventing Clogged Drains

Having your drains cleaned out regularly is a terrific way to prevent needing targeted drain cleaning, and for avoiding the issues a major clog can cause. We provide complete annual drain cleaning services, and our drain cleaning experts are very thorough in their drain cleaning process.

We are dedicate to going above and beyond to provide fast, friendly, professional service for keeping our client’s drains cleaned. Our Grand Junction drain cleaning services are warrantied for 30 days after service is performed.