We repair, retrofit and install boilers and hot water heating systems for commercial and residential buildings. Regular boiler maintenance and efficiency testing is imperative for longevity, while also being necessary to maintaining your safety. Grand Junction boiler repair, installation, tune-ups, cleanings and adjustments are very important, so you can catch any issues before they lead to bigger, more expensive repairs.

Older boilers can cost you a great deal of money on your utility bill. At Rescue 1, we can check it out to see if efficiency adjustments can help, or if you should seriously consider upgrading to a new, higher efficiency boiler. The efficiency gained from upgrading to a new boiler can be as much as 40% better than your old boiler.

Is it time to Install a New Boiler?

If your boiler is no longer dependable, safe, or efficient, then it’s definitely time to consider your replacement options. You will reap some serious energy savings, comfort knowing your home is safe, and a new warranty that can relieve you of potential costly repair bills in the future. Our Grand Junction boiler repair and replacement technicians will review replacement options with you, and help assist you in determining what equipment is the best fit for you.

Our skilled Grand Junction boiler repair, installation, and replacement technicians are fast, friendly and professional, ensuring that you have the proper size and type of heating system that best fits your needs. We will professionally install your system with the correct controls, and flue venting and piping. Our focus is on efficiency, safety 24 hour customer service, so we work hard to be sure that you are happy with your system when we’re done. After any service performed, we will go over how to operate your new system with you, and will be sure to answer all of your questions.