Whether you need air conditioner installation services or require AC repairs as soon as possible, Rescue 1 Plumbing is there to get the job done. Our Grand Junction air conditioning repair and installation technicians will help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the whole summer. We provide professional service 24/7, and are committed to excellent customer service and making sure that you’re home or office is taken care of.

AC Installation & Repair

Air Conditioning RepairIf you’re considering investing in a new air conditioning system, there are many things to take into think about and look into. An important aspect of choosing a new air conditioning system is ensuring proper sizing. A system with the power to cool your home effectively, yet does not harness so much power that you will constantly be freezing is absolutely imperative. Also, air conditioners that are too large not only cost more to install and use, but they are also ineffective and will have zero impact on how comfortable your home or office stays.

We will assist you in finding the right size and model to fit the needs of your specific environment. Our Grand Junction air conditioning repair and installation service technicians will get your new system in place and running efficiently quickly, making sure that the system you choose fits with your home perfectly.

AC Repair and Maintenance

Industrial Air Conditioning RepairWhile most people never expect their air conditioner to break down, it will eventually happen, and it probably will not be at a convenient time. That’s why Rescue 1 Plumbing is committed to helping you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can send someone out to look at your system, and have your house back to being cool and comfortable as quickly as possible.

Regular maintenance can help prevent these unexpected breakdowns, so it’s important to try to schedule yearly maintenance visits. At these visits our experts will look through your entire system, cleaning out sediments, making minor repairs, and replacing necessary parts. This can not only keep your system running more smoothly, but will also save you money in repair costs and on your energy bill. We also provide a 1 year, 100% warranty on all air conditioning replacement and repairs.

We’re committed to fast, friendly, professional service, and strive to keep our customers comfortable and happy 24/7.